Our Partners

Find Your Feet

Find Your Feet is a multi-faceted independent company that is devoted to providing an exceptional retail experience and quality education to empower our community to find their feet. We love and respect the outdoors, and are constantly striving towards assisting others to find their wildest self. At our core, we are a local Tasmanian company with a knowledgeable and playful team that is driven to encourage and enable others, both locally and nationally, to build and expand their sense of adventure and curiosity of the outdoors.

Smitten Merino

Designed and made in Tasmania, Smitten create super fine merino wool clothing that’s soft, light and warm – giving you a little piece of luxury that looks and feels fabulous.


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong – a sanctuary for Tasmania’s wildlife. Through the years Bonorong has changed from a 1980’s era wildlife park to an innovative and active Wildlife Sanctuary focused on giving back to the Tasmanian environment. We have established, are participating in, or are planning many initiatives including Tasmania’s first 24-hour wildlife rescue service, seabird rehabilitation, and wildlife hospital.


Hansen Orchards

The Hansen family orchard lies in the green hills of the Huon Valley, Tasmania, beneath the rocky face of Sleeping Beauty. The cool climate, fertile soil and pure air allow for a long, slow growing season, which makes the Huon Valley the perfect place for an orchard. Apples from here are regarded as being of the highest quality anywhere in the world – and it’s these apples that we use to craft our cider.


Geographica, formerly the Tasmania Map Centre, sells maps, globes, nautical charts and a wide variety of travel, navigational and recreational products. We pride ourselves on having the largest travel guide range in Hobart, including local Tasmaniana products and the entire range of the latest and amazing Lonely Planet Guidebook series. Please call or see us in store to help get you started on your journey!

Squirrel’s Nut Butter

At Squirrel’s Nut Butter, we believe that natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones, and we believe everyone should have healthy skin. Our all-natural products were intended to both prevent skin damage and repair and restore damaged skin. We do it with all-natural products that keep your skin healthy throughout the day or night. Find us in your local running shop (Find Your Feet in Hobart).

Quay Health & Pilates

Quay Health and Pilates is a welcoming, non-judgmental space to begin exercise, to continue to build on existing programs, or to enjoy new challenges for both body and mind.  We happily see a range of clients of varying capacity of movement.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is friendly and welcoming to all ranges of fitness, strength, mobility and experience.

Bix Hydration

Founded by Australian elite multiple trail running champion, Vlad Ixel, Bix Hydration boasts 12 active ingredients scientifically balanced to replace lost electolytes and assist in immune function.