kunanyi Trail Series

Welcome to the kunanyi Trail Series!

We’re all about getting more people out on the trails – and kunanyi is the perfect host! Our courses feature trails through alpine heaths and past dolerite cliffs, to dry peppermint forests and buttongrass moorland. The palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal community) generously welcome and share kunanyi with trail runners – and for that, we’re eternally grateful.

Our Trail Series is an opportunity for new adventures – and you don’t need to be a seasoned trail runner! Our four events cater to different abilities and experience, as well as your preferences. Like fast flowing single trails? We have those! Prefer technical rock hopping? We have that too! Considering your first ever trail run? We’d love to have you along!

At each event, choose from the longer Enduro distance or the shorter Sport distance. Both distances are great runs in their own right. The Sport distance is fantastic if you’re a trail kid (or have one at home!), if you’d prefer to run a shorter run, or if you’re dipping your toes into trail running for the first time.

We’re also introducing a third distance at our extremely popular Tolosa Half & Tolosa Quarter in Winter: 5km.

We aim to be welcoming, and want to make trail running accessible to as many people as possible! Your support crew are very welcome to join us, and we have free BBQs, and games for the kids at our Event hubs, to give you the chance to have a yarn and connect with others in our beautiful trail running community.

We invite you to run with kunanyi.

What’s new in 2024?

– 5 brand new courses

– Twilight and night runs

– A 5km Tolosa “Mini”

– 50% discount for adults running with trail kids (U15s)

– 2024 Season Pass holders get a free kTS Fractel cap

2024 Series

February 10 | Richea Ridge & kunanyi Sunrise (Back Up Edition) | Observation Shelter, kunanyi Pinnacle |
Richea Ridge (Enduro | 14km | 660m) | kunanyi Sunrise (Sport | 9km | 540m)

May 5 | Organ Pipes Classic | The Springs, kunanyi |
Organ Pipes Classic (Enduro | 13km | 680m ) | Organ Pipes Class Sport (Sport | 5km | 270m )

August 4 | Tolosa Half, Tolosa Quarter & Mini | Tolosa Park |
Tolosa Half (Enduro | 21km | 830m) | Tolosa Quarter (Sport | 10km | 400m) | Tolosa Mini (5km | 130m)

October 19 | Knockers and Knockers Sport | Knocklofty |
Knockers (Enduro | 11km | 520m ) | Knockers Sport (Sport | 4km | 170m)


Want another challenge?

Come run with kunanyi at the kunanyi Mountain Run – a trail running festival that celebrates our beautiful mountain and nipaluna/Hobart’s mountain culture.

28-30 March 2025

6 events | 3 days of trail running | sharing of culture and stories



Image of person standing on the summit of kunanyi at sunrise.