Frequently Asked Questions

Race bibs are traditionally made from Tyvek, a plastic which is difficult to recycle. We have instead opted for using reusable silicone wristbands. There are two sizes to choose from, and they are numbered just like bibs. Simply pop your wristband on your wrist and return it at the finish line.

We feel that you are all wise enough to prepare adequately for such trail adventures, so will not be conducting gear checks on race day. But pretty please, do not turn up in just a singlet and racing spikes. See the next question.

Consider that kunanyi summit is often 10°C cooler than Hobart, exposed to ferocious chilling winds sweeping up from Antarctica. Consider the trails often traverse loose or icy boulders, with snakes and jack jumpers lurking beneath. Consider the physical efforts required for a tough uphill slog on a scorching sunny day. I’m sure you get the picture. We strongly recommend you carry the following items, especially for the longer runs (get in touch with Find Your Feet if you need assistance with gear selection):

  • Mobile phone (reception is generally good)
  • Running vest with whistle
  • Water
  • Snake bandage
  • Emergency space bag or blanket
  • Trail shoes with decent grip
  • Waterproof/breathable hooded jacket
  • Insulation – thermal, beanie, buff, gloves
  • Energy food
  • Basic first aid kit

There will be a water station approximately half way through the Tolosa Half and no drink stations on the others. Please note there will be no cups at these stations as you are expected to carry your own water bottles/bladders.

Yes, the finish lines will be bursting with water, sports drink and a variety of energy-replenishing snacks. We will also be hosting a BBQ at all events except the kunanyi Sunrise.

There’s nothing too dramatic here, but to ensure our events remain fun and fair for everyone involved, please abide by the following:

  • No headphones (you need to listen for mountain bikers and other park users)
  • Follow instructions from any marshal
  • Remember to abide by all Australian road rules (vehicles have right of way on roads)
  • Be courteous to other park users, there may be hikers and/or bikers out on the trails too
  • Respect the mountain and the environment
  • Please help other runners or trail users if they need a hand! Eg, a fall, or become exhausted, hypothermic, or heat exhaustion
  • It goes without saying – cheating will not be looked upon favourably
  • Event organisers can change the course, cancel or postpone events, and withdraw or disqualify runners as required to care for the safety of all at our events.
  • What happens if it is raining etc? Short answer is – you will get wet. When was the last time you ran in the rain? It’s great fun and often adds to the dramatic atmosphere of trail running. However, there may be circumstances when the run route may require adjustment or be postponed or cancelled due to safety concerns.

Results will be published online ASAP after the event. We will aim to have this done within a few days. Results can be viewed from the Results page.

Each competitor will receive a pre-race email approximately one week prior to the event. This email will detail all the nitty gritty info like parking and toilet facilities. Please consider car-pooling to the events, especially kunanyi Sunrise, where parking spaces are somewhat limited.

Yes, you need to be at least 18 years old on the day of the event. If you are aged 15 to 17 years old on the day of the event, you may still enter with consent from your parent/guardian. If you are younger and super keen, get in touch with us.

Short answer is – you will get wet. When was the last time you ran in the rain? It’s great fun and often adds to the dramatic atmosphere of trail running. However, there may be circumstances when the event will not proceed due to safety concerns. In the unlikely situation of an event cancellation, 50% of entry fees will be refunded.

No, we encourage participation from runners of any ability and speed.

We care about the fragile Tassie environment and strive to reduce our ecological footprint as much as we can. You’ll find reusable cups and recycling/composting bins at all our events. We are also using reusable silicone wristbands instead of plastic bibs. Our commitment to conservation is further highlighted with a pledge of $2 from every registration to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

You certainly can. And so can your friends or family members. In fact, we will love you forever and reward you with a small gift for being so awesome. You could be a marshal or assist at the start/finish line – just get in contact and we can discuss.