Consider that kunanyi summit is often 10°C cooler than Hobart, exposed to ferocious chilling winds sweeping up from Antarctica. Consider the trails often traverse loose or icy boulders, with snakes and jack jumpers lurking beneath. Consider the physical efforts required for a tough uphill slog on a scorching sunny day. I’m sure you get the picture. We strongly recommend you carry the following items, especially for the longer runs (get in touch with Find Your Feet if you need assistance with gear selection):

  • Mobile phone (reception is generally good)
  • Running vest with whistle
  • Water
  • Snake bandage and emergency blanket (we will have some to use and/or purchase)
  • Trail shoes with decent grip
  • Warm stuff – waterproof/breathable jacket, thermal, beanie, buff, gloves
  • Nutrition – gels, energy bars